Daisy Burger is proud to be apart of the 2016 Adelaide Mobile Food Vending Program

2016 Adelaide Mobile Food Vending Program – City of Adelaide @ various locations around the CBD

Daisy Burger is a successful applicant for the 2016 Adelaide Mobile Food Vending Program.

The Mobile Food Vending (MFV) program aims to support Adelaide as a creative and vibrant city by: supporting new creative ventures; activating City places with input from business, community, and entrepreneurs; supporting vibrant streets and public places as a part of daily life throughout the year; incubating and developing new and creative ideas; and enriching the life of the City in streets, laneways and Park Lands.

We will be showcasing our amazing Daisy Burger fries and burgers to all of Adelaide, as we vend around the city in our cute Little Black Van.

Please download the Adelaide Street Eats app (available on all mobile devices) to see our whereabouts and daily locations all around the CBD. We are trying to get our burgers all around Adelaide; including locations such as Angus Street, Hindmarsh Square and Victoria Square (just to name a few).

Come say hi and grab an amazing #burgerlove burger.

love the Daisy Burger team





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